Quogent's Story

Core Mission: Help people make more reliable decisions every day

  • Integrity with every interaction
  • Thorough delivery to exceed expectations
  • Impactful results from thoughtful design
  • Customer objectives are our top priority

True Digital Transformation

Transformation is not about change for change-sake. Automation is not about technological wizardry. True digital transformation is about the establishment of enterprise processes and the systems that support those processes to fully leverage key data to drive optimal operations. The foundation of Intelligent Process Automation is PROCESS and Quogent helps ensure you are making the right decisions and achieving results quickly. Getting the right information to the right individuals at the right time is core to automation design. Helping key operational participants make the right decisions – decisions that improve operations, ensure compliance and maintain high quality standards is essential.

Quogent team members are passionate about process improvement and properly leveraging best-in-class technologies for automation. We have dedicated our careers to focus on the innovations in this space and our track record for impacting organizations is stellar. Let’s talk about how we can work to help you with your key improvement goals.

Our Philosophy

Always seek the possibility of each situation. As professionals at Quogent, we are often called to find solutions to difficult problems. We surround ourselves with people who see possibility where others may see barriers; see opportunities where others may see failures; see value where others see imperfection. We are optimists by definition. We are committed to excellence in our crafts and integrity with every relationship.

As a leadership team, we enjoy developing and nurturing the careers of professionals. We believe in providing clarity on our mission, roles, targets and performance; ensuring everyone understands their role on the pitch and the broader overall purpose of our journey. Regardless of role or title, anyone can lead at any point; ideas and know-how matter. With team members and customers, we invest ourselves in professional relationships that often last a lifetime.

Business Impact in Weeks

3-5 Days - Automation Discovery

Process Discovery Workshops
Identify process automation opportunities and key requirements
Technology Discovery
Review technologies through demos and choose an ideal PoC scenario

2-4 Weeks - Solution PoC

Prove Automation Value
Develop a PoC that ensures proper value and fit through real integration into your current environment

6-12 Weeks - Pilot Solution

Deploy Initial Solution
Realize the value of automation through a high value, low risk Pilot deployment

Open Positions

If you're driven by innovation and working with leading organizations, let's talk!


Robert S. Speck


As Quogent’s founder and CEO, Rob’s vision, passion and energy drives Quogent’s operations and relationships. Rob is an accomplished software industry business executive with particular depth in process excellence technologies. Most recently, he’s led turnarounds, start-ups and early stage, fast growth operations for companies that include Neudesic, TIBCO / Nimbus and K2. He’s contributed on investments and M&A agreements including the founding, growth and sale of AVIVA Consulting Group. Previous to founding AVIVA, Rob developed his technical chops with Lotus Development’s OneSource division and Cambridge Technology Partners.

Over the past decade, Rob has worked with Chevron, Nestle, Novartis, Pfizer and others, supporting large transformation efforts, quality initiatives and compliance requirements.

Sudesh Saoji


Sudesh Saoji has been the technical visionary behind Quogent and leads Services and Products. Sudesh has been Principal and Founder of InfoMajesty Inc. since 2007. At InfoMajesty, Sudesh served in the role of VP of Engineering and Technology for enterprise clients like Amazon, Fox Network Group, and SanDisk. Prior to InfoMajesty, Sudesh was a Practice Director at Netwoven, where he managed the Business Process Management Practice. He also served as Principal Engineer at Akamai Technology from 2002 to 2005.Sudesh is a software engineering executive and specialist in business process management with 20+ years leading software development, technical services and software architecture.

Sudesh holds a Master of Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from Santa Clara University.