Quogent works with a wide variety of government agencies; federal, state and local; as well as counties and school systems. Many government agencies are handling high volumes of applications, permits, invoices and other demands. Maintaining services and compliance requirements are paramount priorities and increasingly challenging with ever increasing workloads. Digitizing processes and automating high volume manual tasks are key toward maintaining service levels.

Service Levels

Essential services include properly processing requests in a time effective manner. Quogent intelligent automation ensures optimal processing of documentation to handle both digital and manual form submissions. Using OCR technology, Quogent helps government agencies extract information and process compliance workflow. Machine Learning capabilities provide faster processing and increased accuracy.

Record Management Compliance

Quogent works with organizations that require fedRAMP compliant document processing.  Solutions that provide Government Cloud security as well as GCC High are options as required.  Integration to existing systems to leverage existing documents and data is core to solution design. Run a compliant operation and improve operational effectiveness with Quogent intelligent automation.