Financial Operations

In every finance group, there is daily pressure on operations to handle accounts payable, receivables and payroll. Finance automation can free up team members to focus on financial planning and analysis and handle the increased volume of a growing business. Quogent works with your teams to design approaches with automation that is free of disruption to existing operations and integrates smoothly into existing core systems.

Invoice Processing

Auto-extract information from vendor invoices and purchase order details from your ERP system. Perform a 3-way matching of invoices and apply approval rules for payment authorizations.

Accounts Receivable

Automatically capture remittance information from emails, checks and portals to match payments. Process forms to match invoice data triggering workflow as designed.

Expense and Payroll Management

Reduce processing time from days to minutes through streamlined expense reporting.  Using digital reports, automatic notifications, and easy approvals, automation ensure easy expense processing. Paper-free processes consolidate payroll workflows, collecting digital receipts, reducing errors and eliminating delays.