HR Operations

Common HR operational processes such as employee onboarding and ensuring consistent employee engagement are ideal for standardization and automation. Perhaps never has HR automation been more relevant than now with the need for flexible ways of working and remote workforces. Quogent works with your HR leadership to design automation for high volume, repetitive areas that free-up professionals to focus on the needs of employees and management teams.

Employee Onboarding

Create a seamless onboarding process with immediate access to the appropriate systems and materials. Motivate new employees by ensuring they get situated smoothly with the right support.

HR Compliance

Ensure regulatory rules are completed based on the new employee’s state and status. Increase accuracy of forms completion with automation throughout the onboarding process.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Design automation rules to handle all situational conditions of each employee change including: employment status; benefits; notifications from regulatory agencies; as well as issue management.