Transitioning from InfoPath forms to Nintex

Microsoft has ended all support for all InfoPath forms and SharePoint workflows. What does that mean for businesses?

October 10, 2023

Microsoft has ended all support for all InfoPath forms and SharePoint workflows. As a result, businesses struggle to find a solution, and production workflows are no longer working. What does that mean for current users?

Businesses need a solution... and fast. And our partners at Nintex and we have the answer. 

While InfoPath forms were great back in their prime, they are not the future. InfoPath forms are complex forms that don't easily integrate well into workflows. Which causes lengthier design time, and there is limited support offered. Nintex Forms are a great solution; they use a drag and drop interface, and Nintex makes it easy to power your process management and automation efforts.

With Nintex Forms, you can:

  • Empower anyone in your organization to design a form with our user-friendly, responsive Nintex Forms designer, with little to no code necessary. Utilize the drag and drop functionality to add features like barcode scanners, geotags, images, and more.
  • Create and apply business rules to build robust, dynamic forms that respond based on user input. Set in place conditional formatting and validation to allow your users only to see fields that pertain to them.
  • Accomplish more with mobile-ready, responsive Nintex Forms, so you can easily access your forms on any device. This makes it easy for those of you with field     workers, as they can receive and share crucial data in a matter of minutes, and then your customers can submit feedback on the go.
  • Expand past forms functionalities by triggering an automated workflow with the click of a button. Using a Nintex Form submission as a start event, you can automatically kick off a review, approval, e-signature, and more.

Identifying and migrating these forms and workflows can be a daunting task for businesses which is where we at Quogent can help you. First, we can determine and review the InfoPath Form workflows in play, evaluate the use and value, and ultimately craft a roadmap for migration.

If you want to learn more about transitioning from InfoPath to Nintex Form, read Nintex's transition guide